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A Typical Toddy Shop in a Kerala

Iconic Alcoholic Beverage

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Top 10 Toddy Shops in the State of Kerala

Best Family-Friendly Toddy Shops

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‘Coconut Toddy’ is Palm Wine

For a True Taste of South India

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Toddy Shop Food Experience

Toddy Shop Special Spicy Food's

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About Kerala Toddy Shop

കള്ള് ഷാപ്പ്

Toddy is a type of palm wine made from the sap of coconut and palm trees.

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Most Popular Toddy Shops in Kerala

Toddy shops, also known as “kallu shaapu” or “kallu kada,” are traditional, rustic establishments in Kerala, India, where people gather to enjoy locally brewed palm wine known as toddy and some delicious local cuisine.

Boche Toddy Shop

Boche Toddy Shop

Kidangu Toddy Shop

Pravinkood Toddy Shop

Mapranam Toddy Shop

Aloor Toddy Shop

Nettor Toddy Shop

Mullapanthal Toddy Shop

Tharavadu Toddy Shop

Padippura Toddy Shop

Tharavadu Toddy Shop

Karimpinkala Toddy Shop

Velliyazhchakavu Toddy Shop

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